Scary moments on the slopes.  The competitor drove to the camera operator - O2

The Women’s Alpine World Cup has finally begun. Conditions were not favorable for the players for a long time, and subsequent competitions had to be cancelled. But in the end, the first of them paid off. American Michaela Shifrin won the Finnish slalom.

As many as 15 competitors – out of 75 starters – were unable to complete the first round. This group included the representative of Austria, Magdalena Egger. I skidded after a few seconds of driving. Later, I drove a few more meters in a reclining position and … hit the camera operator.

And now we see how steep it is there. I knocked the photographer. This shows what kind of wall the players have to face. Eurosport commentators said there was no room for error.

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Fortunately, neither the player nor the operator was seriously injured. Certainly, this event could have ended much worse for both sides. It is worth noting that the only Pole of the group – Magdalena Sujak – did not finish the race.

The aforementioned Egger tends to be a rising star Alpine skiing. The Austrian is only 21 years old and is gradually entering the highest level. However, he has already won a lot of medals at the World Junior Championships, including as many as six gold medals.

On Sunday, November 20, the women’s Alpine World Cup competition will take place in Levi. So the Austrian will have a chance for a quick rehabilitation after a completely failed performance on Saturday. However, it may turn out that the weather will again play an important role.

Watch the unlucky journey of Magdalena Egger…

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