Scandal with the Polish anthem in Engelberg.  David Kobacki winced

Sunday afternoon David Kobacki He scored his fourth win this season. The edge over the most dangerous rivals in the World Cup general classification has thus increased, a great prognosis for the Four Hills tournament that begins after the holidays.

watching video
The coach of the Polish skiers signaled an important change after last season’s defeat. “It’s a great advantage.”

The problem with the Polish anthem. The situation was saved by Polish fans

But they spoiled the celebration with another victory kobaki Competition organizers in Engelberg, Switzerland. if polishing Standing on top of the stage, the player played a very slow version of “Mazurka Dąbrowski”. The successful jumper, known for his candid responses, quickly summed up the Swiss’s actions on the podium.

Kubacki has done it again! Incredible shape of the pole before TCS

They quickly saved the day polishing fanswho sang the Polish national anthem very loudly. So the organizers decided to salvage the situation a bit by turning off the soundtrack they had prepared and allowing the fans to continue singing a cappella. Thanks to this, the hymn finally sounded like “Dibrovsky’s Mazurka”.

Let us remind you that the next World Cup jumps will be made by the best jumpers on December 28 during the qualification for the first competition of the 4-Hills-Tournament in Oberstdorf. Before that, Polish runners are still waiting for the traditional national championships that take place on Boxing Day.

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