Scandal in the tunnel immediately after the Atlético City match.  Vrsaljko could not stand the nervousness of football

Atlético Madrid drew 0-0 with Manchester City in the Champions League quarter-final second leg, which saw the English champions rise to the top four. However, at the end of the meeting, there were extremely heated tensions between them football players Both teams, which led, inter alia, to a red card for Atlético defender – Felipe.

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We know the strength of Argentina. They can surprise the Poles in the World Cup with this

It’s hot in the Wanda Metropolitano Tunnel. The scandalous behavior of Vrsaljko

As it turned out, the nervous atmosphere after the final whistle also extended to the tunnel from the locker room to the Wanda Metropolitano stadium. The deadliest players had to be dismissed by their teammates. First, they argued sharply with each other Jack Grealish And Stefan Savi, but this is not Montenegro, but after a Croatian moment Sim Vrsaliko They could expect severe punishment for his behavior.

In a heated discussion with Kyle Walker defenders Atletico Leave their nerves. First, he threw a boot towards the city camp led by Walker, and after a few seconds spat at his rivals. The cameras recorded everything, so these events will not be without consequences.

Felipe “The Evening Clown”. The fight at the end of the Atletico-Man City match

Manchester In the semi-finals Champions League will face real madrid. The second duo will also be English-Spanish, playing for Liverpool and Villarreal.

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