Scandal in the Polish league.  years of ineligibility.  He crossed all borders..Football

The accident occurred on November 14. During the match Cuprum Czciradz – Piast Parkovia Trzebiechów. Specifically, in the 26th minute of the match, when Judge Wojciech Ganczar Impose a penalty. This hates the host country player who approached the referee and spat in his face. – I know reports of this event from various sources and I can say unequivocally that what happened is a scandal – said Bwe Horosaniecki three weeks ago, President of the Żarsko-Żagań Sub-College of Lubuskie Judges FIFA.

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This is how Lewandowski began his campaign for another Golden Ball. “This is a game for something more”

The amazing achievement of Cristiano Ronaldo! He broke another barrier!

“How long can you tolerate the violence that judges encounter?”

The case was already three weeks ago TVB Sport Description of the former international judge and expert Rafai Rostkovskywho spoke to a. With Horożaniecki. Judge Wojciech Ganksar is a good boy. I feel sorry for him. He is a first-class judge, but it is absolutely impossible to say that he is a weak judge. On the contrary, he is one of the leading referees at this level of competition. And it has some features that distinguish it positively. Hopefully Wojciech will not quit the job, although many people do quit after much less hateful incidents. It is very tough and resistant, but how long can you withstand the violence that encounters judges? – asked Horożaniecki rhetorically, who even demanded a player ban for life for insulting the referee.

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Rostkovsky now tells that the punishment is much smaller, as is the very brief and general justification for it, published by Lubuski ZPN: “blatant unsportsmanlike behavior, a violation of physical sanctity.”

This justification includes a fine whose value was not disclosed, and disqualification of the competitor for a period of three years. – I don’t know how to comment on it, so I probably won’t comment – Judge Ganeshzar says on TVP sportsHe adds that he doesn’t know exactly why he was called up by the discipline department at all. – After all, I described everything that happened in the report and in the appendix. There were witnesses, assistant judges and other persons, and the description of the events in the appendix was confirmed by the director of the visiting team with his signature. But since I was called, I came. I was only asked if I confirm what I wrote and if I support it I spit. Of course, I confirmed and supported it. Other witnesses confirmed this.

Polish women's national team training before the Belgium match in Gdansk.  Nina BatalonPolish women footballers like the Souza team. “It’s not our DNA. We’re paying for it hard.”

“We don’t want to be associated with violence in football”

The incident was not appealed to the director of one of the companies sponsoring Lubuski ZPN, who already a week ago in an interview with TVP Sport could not understand why everything takes so long. – We will contact the authorities of the Lubuskie Football Association, convey to them our refusal to postpone the decision on the referee’s spit, since in such cases quick reactions are needed. Their lack, he said, is related to indulgence in phenomena that we do not accept.

He added: – We do not want to be involved in violence in football or incidents such as spitting at the referee. This is humiliating and requires decisive action. We do not tolerate such incidents. I am not satisfied with this situation and we will respond.

1/16 of the Polish Cup Final.  GKS Tychy - Wisła Kraków 1: 3Fans were already thinking about extra time, but Wisła broke the promotion at the end of the match

– Such a punishment does not change my plans. I will take the case to court. It was not just a violation of physical integrity. I’ve been spitting. right in the face. In the judge’s face – says Canczar.

Gazeta Wiborcza“It is reported that this is not the only controversial issue negatively affecting the image of LZPN. In November, the country was informed that the president of the federation had not agreed to postpone the matches of the fourth league team of Kazarni Ajagai, even though the team was no longer present overnight. They left for the Polish-Belarusian border.

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