Scandal in the Netherlands!  The ex-minister became a member of the Gazprom pressure group

After Cora van Nieuwenhuizen resigned from her ministerial position and became a member of a lobby group, including. According to Shell, Wattenfall and Gazprom, some political parties in the Netherlands want to ban pressure on former members of the government, media reported.

The former minister is now expected to earn a quarter of a million euros a month, according to daily De Telegraaf.

Until last week, van Nieuwenhuizen was Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management. She has resigned from her position in Prime Minister Marek Root’s office since 2017, and from 1 October will become chair of Vereniging Energie-Nederland, an association of energy companies such as Shell, RWE, Vattenfall, BP and Gazprom.

Two years ago, the then Minister announced that she would run for the position of Liberal Leader (VVD) and wished to replace Root.

The departure of Minister van Nieuwenhuizen is a symbol of the collapse of the political class

– The most popular Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf, commented on its move into the energy sector. According to the results of the newspaper, the former minister receives 250 thousand. Euros per month for two business days per week.

VVD liberal law shows that it ignores any form of morality

He assesses the capital’s daily Het Parol and calls for a 10-year ban on lobbying for former members of the government.

The opposition and some coalition parties voted to tighten regulations. The Labor Party (PvdA), the Socialist Party (SP), the right-wing JA21 and the Coalition of Social Liberals (D66) want the former ministers to follow similar rules as former MEPs, according to de Volkskrant.

The paper states that MEPs are not allowed to work in the industry they have dealt with in the European Parliament for 18 months after their mandate expires.

kk / PAP

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