February 4, 2023


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Scandal in Katowice.  Match aborted.  The number of fans who were shot with firecrackers [WIDEO] football

Scandal in Katowice. Match aborted. The number of fans who were shot with firecrackers [WIDEO] football

On Wednesday, GKS Katowice was at home Widzew The lodge. The clash, which took place on Bucoa Street in Katowice, was another match late from Fortuna’s 25th waiting list 1 league And an opportunity to end the chain of loss for the residents of Katowice. The hosts have not been able to score three points since three matches, and last weekend they lost to Gornik Polkowitz 1:2 for 16th place in the table.

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Brawl at Widzew Stadium. Demolition. They showed pictures after the match

Widzow, who was defeated at home last weekend, was in a different situation JKS Tichy 2:1. The meeting was accompanied by brawls organized by the crowd of guests in the stands. The atmosphere at Bucoa seemed to be rather calm. However, this did not happen.

In the 70th minute of the match, at 0:1 for Widzew, there was an attack on the FC Lodz fans. GieKS fans threw flares and firecrackers on the guest stand. The referee immediately stopped the match … and firefighters appeared on the field. All because of one of the torches starting to burn on the lawn. Despite the announcer’s statements, Katowice fans did not stop attacking and still They threw flares at the visitors’ sector. After only a few minutes the situation was brought under control and the players returned to the field.

DLOLOThe goals in the last minutes were decisive. Feelings in the first league. Podbeskidzie without a win since November

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After returning to the field, the visiting team scored another hit. In the 84th minute, Patrick Lipsky showed a great move, playing the ball to Przemyslav Keita, who put the ball into the net. Widzew defeated GKS Katowice 2-0 and with 49 points he is still second in the Fortuna 1 League table.