Scandal at a meeting!  The world record has already been announced

Ryan Crozier broke the world record with his shot on Saturday. Or so it seemed. After several minutes it turned out that the organizers of the meeting had made a terrible mistake.


Getty Images/Goran Stanzel/Pixel/MPmedia/Pictured: Ryan Kreuzer

The world of sports announced Saturday night, that Ryan Crozier has broken the world record with a shot in his first start this season. The news even appeared in the official files of athletics, and the new record has been 23.38 meters since then.

However, Crozier’s joy lasted several minutes. The organizers of the meeting in New York had a major misstep. Their measuring instrument failed them, and miscalculated the distance of the second stab.

“The fun is over. The measuring laser crashes during the shot put competition. No world record, no other lifetime records. The actual result of Kroeser is not 23.38m, but 22.45m. Exists” – athletics-related journalist on social media.

Thus the absolute world record for a shot is 23.37 meters and the inside is 22.82 meters, both of which belong to the cruiser.

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