Scammers are not unemployed.  method "per shipment"

Online scammers have found a new way to deceive Poland consumers. way on “Paiement when recieving“It poses a serious threat on a large scale,” the newspaper Rzeczpospolita reported on Tuesday.

Polish Post warns of a new method lug From Poles by cash on delivery. Scammers are also trying to take advantage of confusion in the energy resource market and use fake websites to persuade to invest in Orlen PGE or KGHM– says the magazine.

CERT experts, whom Rzeczpospolita refers to, describe the actions of fraudsters via the websites: “These websites report that it is an official initiative of the Polish government that encourages the prompt purchase and sale of raw materials. They also collect personal and contact details via a special form available on the website. .”.

As the paper explains, following CERT Polska experts, “When an unaware Internet user sends their data, scammers contact them and encourage them to fake investments On a specially created platform, on which, as it turns out later, the invested funds cannot be withdrawn. ”

“Rzeczpospolita” also draws attention to more and more popular way to extort money Using cash on delivery. “This method is to send items of negligible value, such as a plastic ring or a ball, with the amount that will be collected increasing disproportionately in relation to the content of the charge.” “Customers who decide to receive a parcel from a sender whom they do not know, expose themselves to government spending from several tens to hundreds of thousands of zlotys.”


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