savings.  How much is the average pole savings?

– We have prepared the Examination Index Report because we want the Poles to have higher financial awareness and knowledge that will allow them to better manage investment risks. Better education in finance will have a positive impact on economic growth, says ukasz Blichewicz, president of the Assay Group, in an interview with MarketNews24.

The research conducted by the examination group was used to develop the new “Polish Investment Readiness Index”. In 2021, the indicator based on a number of variables in Poland reached 33, on a scale from 0 to 100 (where 100 is obtained by someone who can be called “the most willing to invest”). A similar indicator is found in Western European countries at a much higher level, reaching about 50-60, and in Scandinavia up to 70.

Because of concerns about investment risks, we often decide to keep our savings in the form of cash at home, which gradually declines in case of high inflation.

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