Sarah-Jean Lapros inspires us to go to camps!

This is on his Instagram page Sarah-Jean Lapros He wanted to book all of his fans Travel Camp.

In fact, the actress has released photos of her new camping equipment, as a result cuuuute!

I look forward to everything ”

I look forward to everything. ⛺️🦋⛰🐟🐿 Thanks Simon (You’re Beautiful Like High School. ❤️) @ sportsexperts.lavalrepentigny Dream Come True “, Can we read in the title under the publication.

Although little Lawrence was born during the Easter break, the new mom was busy during and after her pregnancy.

In fact, the actress will be back in action in a brand new series with her friend Pierre-Luke Funk. In fact, both will be featured in the new original series Club Illico Title Last attempt.

Production Etios Productions (Blue moon, joy) In alliance with Quebec content, Last attempt Carried out by Louis Choquette (Your Excellency) And script Anita Rowan.

Fiction ” Following in the footsteps of Eleanor (Sarah-Jean Lapros), a lawyer and journalist Jacob (Pierre-Luke Funk), both are passionate about social justice.. Together or individually, they denounce injustices, attack the rigidity of institutions and seek to restore citizens’ confidence in the system. They take into account the factors that ensure that individuals facing a failed system are recognized and defending themselves. The group with strong ambitions will face a hostile reality that will immerse them in the heart of some human and social problems, the size and complexity of which they could not imagine. “.

More than ever, the local event series Club Iligo draws more visitors. Following the huge success of Blue Moon, we are eager to see Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau of Etios Productions present this captivating fiction to subscribers, surrounded by highly talented creators. “, He stressed Veronica BassiersMarketing Director for Club illico, Vrai and Content Sites Videotron.

With this product, everything is in place to deliver a better series that meets the expectations of the public. The lively storyline, revived by one of our best directors, Louis Choquette, is rooted in the heart of current social issues. Sarah-Jean and Pierre-Luke have a natural chemistry on screen and will feature two characters who will seek justice just like their generation. “, He later admitted Denise DuboisVice President, Original Content, at Quebec content.

Anita Rowan’s talent explodes in this human and exciting story. Together with Etios Productions team director Louis Choquet, Club Illigo presents a unique theatrical series that deals with subtle contemporary issues without compromise. Said the producers Fabienne Larouche And Michael Trudeau.

Filming for the 10 60-minute episodes will begin this summer and air in 2023. The rest of the cast has not been released yet, but we can still guess!

In short, we do not regret spending so much beautiful time with family for our beloved actress!

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