Sandrine Bison on the heart page: find the actress’s wife

Thanks for the presentation of the film Confession By Luc Picard, released in theaters on July 20, 2022, Sandrine Bisson is more than usual, confident in her life as a couple. In her interview 7 daysThe Quebec actress revealed many details about her ” boyfriend “. Who is Sandrine Bisson’s wife? Do Sandrine Bisson and his wife live together? Do Sandrine Bisson and his wife have children? We will tell you everything we learned from the actress who has been with her for more than a decade.

France Beaudoin’s guest of honor Sandrin Bisson on Live From The Yours. Photo: @Live the universe
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Sandrine Bisson is a Quebec actress, born on June 22, 1975 in Quebec. He succeeded in consolidating a circle of great Canadian actors such as Gilder Roy, Liz Martin and Frances Castel. For 23 years, she shared her life with a certain Stéphane Coyette, about whom she rarely spoke. They are the parents of a boy named Lambert.

Presented by Sandrine Bisson

Surname Sandrine Bison
date of birth June 22, 1975
birth place Quebec, Canada
age 47 years
Astrological sign Cancer
race Caucasian
Nationality Canadian
profession actress
Practice National Drama School of Canada
Collaboration Stephen Coyote
baby Lambert
Official site

Who is Sandrine Bisson’s wife?

Sandrin Bisson confirmed his reference status with his recent response to Luc Picard and Michel Charette in Quebec cinema. Confessions And happiness. Although she is one of the most popular Quebec actresses, she shines a light on her career as a couple. We don’t know anything about his wife until 2022. Later he revealed in an interview 7 daysShe has been living with her husband for over twenty years.

“My boyfriend’s name is Stephen Coyote, he’s been the man of my life for the last 23 years and he’s the father of my son.” He made it clear before adding that he rarely attends projects where his wife appears because they choose to be discreet about their personal lives.. However, we do know that Stephen Goyette is retired and spends his days in the family room while Sandrine is on film sets.

“We both have separate lives and we rarely talk about my work. He is very proud of what I do and he loves to see me on screen, but I never talk to him about the project I am currently working on. Instead, he sees the end product. When I join him at home ,​​​​I don’t have a cell phone or a computer. So it’s family time, it’s sacred to me. I have to cut, otherwise I’m scared.”She revealed to the magazine 7 days In January 2020.

Do Sandrine Bisson and his wife have children?

In Stephen Coyette, family life and professional life did not mix. His partner also considers these parts of their house as two parallel lines that almost never touch. Due to this his wife is away from his acting activities. The two are parents to three children, including two daughters from a previous relationship with Stephane Goyette.

Stephen has two daughters aged 25 and 27 respectively, one majoring in architecture and the other in entrepreneurship. Their son is 13 years old. “I have two grown-up daughters who have come ‘ready-made’: they are my partner’s two daughters, they are 24 and 22. We have been very close since I came into their lives 20 years ago. One is studying. My son is 10; 1981 Riccardo Troggi I was pregnant during the shoot. He’s an exceptional little boy.”Sandrine Bisson said 7 days.

Although Sandrine Bison seems far away from her universe, it is with the support of her partner that she makes her happy in the cinema. So she could trust him and the other members of their little family. ConfessionsWith Luc Picard, David La Haye, Eveline Gélinas, Dany Boudreault, Emmanuel Charest, Jean-François Boudreau, Bobby Beshro, Maxim Gaudette, Catherine de Léan, Louise Portal and Raymond Cloutier.


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