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Canadian actress of Korean descentHe became famous when he acted On ““(” Grace Anatomy “in Spanish), a character who has won several awards, including the Golden Globe and the Actor’s Guild Award, but some of the shocks he still remembers to this day.

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O was part of the medical drama family between 2005 and 2014, although he happily recalls his time until he left the show at the end of the tenth season.“, She also has in mind the darker parts of her fame as Christina.

When he left “Sunday with Willy Keys todayIn August 2021, the He opened his heart and reviewed some of his career situations, including the most traumatic.

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Meredith and Christina are best friends (Photo: ABC)

What did Sandra O say?

In an interview shared on August 29, O says Willie the ghost That his passage through the project was not as good as everyone imagined; On the contrary, it caused a bad taste in his mouth and he had to develop some techniques so as not to lose the direction of his life:

“Honestly it was traumatic … When you lose your anonymity, you have to develop the skills to try to be honest. I’m not going out, hiding in restaurants, managing attention, managing expectations, not losing my sense.”

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Similarly, suddenly He turned her into a therapist because everything she began to experience was beyond her: “Well, I have a good therapist. I was not teasing. … This is very, very important. “

Why was it removed from the series?

Like most of the main characters “Gray physique“, Life Christina Yang It was primarily a roller coaster ride, including his relationship with Preston Burke and Owen Hunt. Sandra Owen’s character was very focused and competitive, even though she was a very talented and intelligent doctor who often had difficulty expressing her emotions and found it very difficult to empathize with patients. Yang has learned a lot in 10 seasons, and his time under his watch ‘Teddy Altman’ It helped her a lot because she understood that she had to learn to be patient and compassionate.

Christina left in Season 10 after Preston Burke offered her job as head of a hospital in Switzerland. Christina accepted the opportunity and moved to Zurich.

Release Sandra O. The series was announced in 2013. Oh One of the actors, who signed a two-year deal in 2012, sealed his return to Season 10, but not after that. In an interview with In 2013, the actress described how she and her co-stars started thinking about leaving the series when she signed the aforementioned contract, creatively explaining that she felt she had already given everything to the character and was ready to give up. Christina.

However, this does not mean that it is easy to say goodbye to his fellow actors, because his departure was not real, and many considered it a ploy, but fortunately, Shonda Rhymes Supported his decision Christina YangUnlike the other characters in Season 1, he made a fitting decision not to die.

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Why should I not return to “Grace Anatomy”?

Seven years after the show, the actress praised being remembered by the public, but did not feel a connection with her character. To the doctor Christina Song He left it in the past and now wants to focus on new projects:

“It’s very rare to see the impact of a character in that way. Somehow, you do your job like a bubble and let it go. I left that show, my God, almost seven years ago. So, in my mind, it’s gone. But for many it’s still alive. Even though I understood and loved it, I made progress. “

The Canadian, on the other hand, invites audiences to follow the new products he is working on. These include series “Killing Eve” and “Chair”, As well as other projects. “Come see the characters I play that are so deeply embedded in the Asian-American experience.”, The actress concluded.

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