Sanatorium at the expense of ZUS.  What diseases qualify you to travel for free?

The sanatorium is available free of charge to people undergoing rehabilitation after breast cancer treatment. The program has been implemented since 2010 and aims to “support the process of achieving full fitness and enabling women to return to full participation in professional and social life.”

Early rehabilitation helps neutralize the side effects of this procedure and improve the health, fitness and well-being of patients. In addition, it prevents limited shoulder movement, pain in the scapula area, thoracic spine, and secondary lymphedema.

Free sanatorium. for whom?

Of rehabilitation funded by ZUS This insurance may benefit insured persons who are on sick leave and are at risk of long-term incapacity for work.

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To use the program, it is necessary to obtain a certificate from a ZUS-certified doctor, which is issued at the request of the treating physician. Rehabilitation of mammary gland tumors is carried out in two health resorts in Poland – in Rymanow and Ustroń.

People referred to the center from ZUS do not incur any costs related to rehabilitation, food or accommodation. -The treatment is fully funded by us. We also cover travel costs to the sanatorium and back using the cheapest public transport – explains Iona Kowalska Matthys, Regional Spokesperson for ZUS in Lower Silesia.

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