Samsung is changing the names and packaging of smartphones.  Want to avoid being associated with Putin?

Samsung uses letters to designate a series of smartphones. The company’s portfolio includes, among others, the flagship series Galaxy S or Galaxy A and Galaxy M. Mid-range In 2020, Samsung created the Galaxy Z line, including foldable smartphones.

Two years later, the letter Z became a symbol of Russian aggression against Ukraine

Nexta recently drew attention to the unfortunate rating of Samsung smartphones. The severely exposed Z looks really bad today.

Of course surely Samsung can not expectThat’s just right This message will become a symbol of Russian aggressionTherefore, the names of the smartphones cannot be considered an expression of Putin’s support. However, this does not change the fact that said sign may provoke negative associations, which is a problem from a marketing point of view.

Samsung changes smartphone names in specific countries

The SamMobile service noted that on the Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian websites of Samsung, the names of selected smartphones were quietly changed. Galaxy Z Fold 3 And the Galaxy Z Flip3 right now is just that Galaxy Fold 3 and Galaxy Flip 3.

In Estonia, the Galaxy Z Fold3 is now just a Galaxy Fold3

Samsung officially Does not convey the reasons for renamingHowever, it is difficult not to associate this fact with the ongoing war. Especially since the general mood in the Baltic states is not particularly conducive to the display of symbols that may be associated with Putin.

Interestingly, in Ukraine, the local Samsung branch still uses the old nomenclature.

In Poland, Samsung taps the letter Z on the smartphone packaging

In Poland, the full name change has not yet been decided, but it is clear that Samsung is trying to reduce the exposure of the unfortunate icon.

I received information that new copies of the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 smartphones are going to stores, Packaging has been modified. A fold or a large heart appeared instead of the letter Z. Our journalist went to one of the Samsung showrooms and confirmed the presence of the new packaging.

New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Packaging

Interestingly, that   – & hairsp; Not entirely new boxes. The old tag simply stuck.

It’s possible that the use of the Z tag won’t be completely banned in the future by some countries anyway. As was the case with the swastika, which before it was annexed by the Third Reich, in various cultures, after all, was just an innocent symbol of happiness, fertility and Buddhism.

I sent a question to Samsung if the company is planning to change the entire name in Poland and whether the actions taken are related to the ongoing war. I haven’t received a response yet, but when this changes, the article will be updated.

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