Samsung Galaxy S23 is cheaper with a lot of freebies at x-kom

A few hundred discounts, a charger and headphones, a speakerphone or antivirus, or even 1200 GB of internet cash for your next purchase: you can get all this in the cumulative promotion for the Samsung Galaxy S23 8/256 GB. If a Polish shop added fries, a toaster, or an onion supply, I’d be tempted.

We all love promotions, right? The best option, of course, is the traditional, simple and uncomplicated markdown. Instead of paying, say, 1000 PLN, we pay 700 PLN and everyone is happy.

Of course, it may not always be so easy. Stores and manufacturers come up with all kinds of promotions, thanks to which, instead of buying something much cheaper, we get a gift or two, or maybe three.

Samsung Galaxy S23 8/256 GB with big gift package at x-com

One of these offers can be found in the x-com store. Samsung Galaxy S23 8 / 256GB can be yours For PLN 4399, which is 400 PLN cheaper (-8.3%). This price applies From most Samsung authorized partners.

In addition, as part of the Samsung Polska promotion, by purchasing ia in the x-kom Samsung flagship, you can also Get Galaxy Buds 2 Pro as a giftof the market value About 700 PLN.

In order for the headphones to reach you, you must fulfill several conditions. You can find it in the screenshot below (click to enlarge):

You will also find this offer from other official retailers. This means that they all have the same card, approximately in a straight line. x-kom would like a fella so he throws in more stuff.

To choose from, because with no discount codes combined we have:

  • T-Mobile starter, up to 1200 GB of internet and PLN 35 for next purchases at x-kom with discount code beginningAnd
  • JBL FLIP ESSENTIAL 2 SPEAKER AT MARKET VALUE About 350 PLN with the code Galaxy- JBLAnd
  • Norton for Mobile Antivirus when you buy a phone that comes with Microsoft 365 Personal and use a discount code personal promo.

Still not all! Another gift will be automatically added to the cart, Samsung charger 15 watts. I know there is no such power outrage, but I would like to remind you that Samsung is not adding any power supply to the Galaxy S23.

Does all this give us the best Samsung Galaxy S23 promo yet? Well, not really, I heard about even bigger miracles during the first promotion, where the package of different types of bonuses was also very strong.

I almost added the Galaxy S23 to the cart myself, almost entered the code on the speaker and moved on, but suddenly realized I was missing something.

Don’t miss any other promotion

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