Salt and lions - a review.  It's been a long time since I've been in the game
May 11, 2022, 2:55 pm

I finished the salt and the sacrifices in four days, namely thirty-two and a half hours. why? In theory, because the review deadline chased me. Practically, because I couldn’t get away from this game.

The two-person Ska Studios changed everything, and it didn’t change much. At first glance Salt and sacrifice It’s a less disgusting version Salt and sanctuary. But the devil is in the details. It’s not like that anymore Evil spirits in 2D. It’s an almost perfect combination soulsAnd night hollow And… beast hunter.

As for the latter, I had my doubts – after all, the “Brutal” series from Capcom is a grinding process. Fortunately, the developer knew what he was doing, because killing the same enemies over and over doesn’t get boring for a moment. pa sucks like hell.

why? there are many reasons. First of all, the combat system – similar to the “first” system, but more accurate, a little more comprehensive and more fun. This does not mean that clashes are easy. Sometimes one small mistake means instant death.

Second, the witches we track down and kill leave behind items that are essential to crafting equipment. Do you want a complete set? grinding! Do you want to improve it? grinding! You won’t get boredBecause after the first successful search for a certain magician, you will win his heart. A sufficient number of them allows you to open new passages, giving access to new mages.

In addition, we open tools such as a hook with a rope or a bag of magnesium – with the help of the latter, we use pulleys for sliding. These, in turn, are the “key” of the following points – In the first and last five different locations. Combined with captured magical hearts, it makes almost every return to the area already visited an opportunity to discover something new.

Include a story background that looks as interesting as the original. Unfortunately health It repeats its advantages and disadvantages. development tree a la Exile Road It’s still overwhelming, although a therapeutic dose was taken from it for example, and we are now in the process of upgrading it separately. It takes a long time to get used to the non-intuitive control…or just change it up in options. There are also no subtitles in Polish, but it’s just a pattern Salt and sanctuary – May be added some time after the first show.

I can also mention a few minor edge detection bugs or the sometimes frustrating level of difficulty, but guess what? I will not do. The game wasn’t supposed to be easy, and it is. At the same time, it has been made in many respects more accessible than “number one”. Besides, it is impossible not to take this into account Salt and sacrifice Created by two people, their work costs 73 zlotys, so it is not somewhat salty. Really – a sin not to try.

  1. More about the game of salt and sacrifice

Opinion about the game of salt and sacrifice


  1. Inventory system directly from beast hunter It is pure gold.
  2. massive metroidvaniowe elements – the frequency of crossing the same places is not boring;
  3. Fantastic trainer designs and different locations;
  4. Prettier than in “The One”, more easily digestible for eye drawings…
  5. … and a better battle;
  6. good price-to-content ratio;
  7. Challenging and unforgiving gameplay – that’s what it should be.


  1. Despite the changes, the character development tree remains overwhelming;
  2. Unintuitive virtual controls (especially on PC);
  3. There are no translations in Polish.

Final Rating: 8.5 / 10

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