Saint-Tide Western Festival: Is it less expensive this year?

The Saint-Tide Western Festival is in full swing and the streets are filled with festival goers. Despite the inflationary environment, most merchants are able to sell a lot again.

Thousands of them flood the streets of Saint-Tide for the Western Festival. Dresses, boots and cowboy hats are bought in abundance during festivals. On the other hand, this year, has inflation hit festival-goers’ wallets?

Many say no, even though they plan to spend as much during their stay as they have in previous years. Costs range from $50 to $1000, and that’s what’s planned for the weekend.

Even though traffic isn’t down, some merchants are noticing that customers are controlling their spending a little more.

The owner of Chapeaux de Gorewiches in France noted, “They’re paying more attention to their costs, you could say they’re looking at prices more, which has caused a slight drop in sales. Designer Jean Aeroldi also recognizes the importance of a festival like Saint-Tite to sell his inventory. I feel there’s a limit, but my clothes, I have a lot of clearance, so it’s not expensive, and that’s why I’m so attractive to people,” she said.

Other traders, like the owner of Boulet Boots, see no difference from previous years.

“I have the same numbers as last year. It’s the same thing. I haven’t seen a slowdown to date,” explained Luke Fraser.

Despite the rising cost of living, Saint-Tite is definitely a world apart.

Festival goers are spending without looking at their budgets and making the most of their stay in a small municipality.

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