December 9, 2022


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Sad news from Ukraine.  Matt Thalito de Valle - o2

Sad news from Ukraine. Matt Thalito de Valle – o2

According to the “Daily Mail” portal, even before leaving for Ukraine, Thalito quarreled with Vale Problems in Iraq. After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the 39-year-old decided that she would support the Ukrainian army in its fight against the Russian invader.

Thalito de Valle died. The model fought in the war in Ukraine

Thalito de Valle was killed in a missile attack by the Russians, among others, in the bunker in Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine, where she is currently residing. She died just three weeks after offering to help the Ukrainian army.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Kharkiv has been the target of intense bombardment by Russian forces. Thalito do Vale was not the only Brazilian citizen killed in the bombing. Also killed was 40-year-old Douglas Borrego, who returned to the bunker to find Vale.

Thalito do Valley regularly informs the public about the events taking place in Ukraine. For this purpose, use the form, inter alia, your channel on TikTok.

From an early age, the Brazilian was committed to defending the weakest. Prior to joining Humanitarian Missions, she studied law, modeling, and acting. At the same time, she participated in the rescue and care of animals and cooperated with NGOs.

While in Iraq, the 39-year-old underwent sniper training. After the war in Ukraine ended, she planned a book about her experience fighting against Russia.

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