Destruction of Russian military equipment in the village of Dmitrievka on the outskirts of Kyiv, and the recovery of Ukrainian troops from the hands of the Russians.

According to the statements of the chief negotiator of the Ukrainian side, Russia is ready to agree to the talks between Putin and Zelensky. On Saturday, the occupiers shot the demonstrators from Enerhodar. The inhabitants of Iziumu poisoned the invaders with poisoned rolls. The President of Ukraine warned that Russian forces were preparing for massive attacks in the Donbass and around Kharkiv. Read today’s report.

Another day, the 38th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We summarize the main events of Saturday, April 2nd.

The “Open Road” of Putin-Zelensky’s Conversation

  • Today, Saturday, David Arashamiya, head of Ukraine’s negotiating group in peace talks with Russia, said that a meeting of the presidents of Ukraine and Russia is likely to be held in Turkey.
  • He would say that the draft peace treaties for Russia were at an advanced enough stage to allow direct consultations between the leaders of the two countries.

a look: The war in Ukraine. Opening the way for talks between Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky

The Russians were given poisoned coils, two died

  • And the inhabitants of the Izyum region gave the Russian soldiers poisoned wraps.
  • Two have died, many dozens are fighting for their lives
  • Izyum is located in the Kharkiv region in eastern Ukraine.
  • Several hundred Russians were hospitalized with acute alcohol intoxication of unknown origin;
  • “Ukrainians are resisting the occupiers with all available means,” the Ukrainian military intelligence wrote.

a look: Ukraine. The Russians gave poisoned coils. Two, several hundred died in hospitals because of alcohol

Zelensky to Fox News: We don’t trade our land

  • “We don’t trade our land,” the Ukrainian president told Fox News.
  • “We will not agree to the violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity,” added Volodymyr Zelensky.
  • “We will only accept victory,” said the Ukrainian politician.
  • Depends on other nations to commit to ensuring Ukraine’s security in the future;
  • “Putin’s appetite tends to rise,” he warned.
  • And “if the Russian aggression does not stop” it will spread beyond the borders of his country.

a look: The war in Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky to Fox News: We do not trade our lands

Zelensky: Russia is preparing for massive strikes

  • The President of Ukraine warned of new aggressions by the Russian Federation;
  • “The Russian forces are preparing to launch massive attacks in the Donbass and around Kharkiv.
  • In the east of our country, the situation is still very difficult, said Volodymyr Zelensky;
  • On Friday evening, the Ukrainian president posted a speech on Facebook;
  • “I emphasize once again: we have difficult battles ahead” – he stressed;
  • “You still don’t think we passed all the tests,” he added;
  • He also called on the world not to remain silent about “what is happening in Mariupol”.

a look: The war in Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky: Russia is preparing for massive strikes

Morawiecki: Putin set fire to all of Ukraine

  • The Prime Minister wrote: “Every day, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians wake up in fear.”
  • They are looking “if there were no Russian planes flying over their homes”;
  • “Putin has set fire to all of Ukraine, and Europe is wondering whether the fire cover will be enough”;
  • “One announcement for stronger penalties, the next it is not exaggerating,” complained Mateusz Morawiecki.

a look: The war in Ukraine. Mateusz Morawiecki: Putin set fire to all of Ukraine

The Pope on a pilgrimage in Kyiv? There is a statement

  • “A trip to Kyiv is under consideration,” the pope told reporters.
  • Francis spoke to the press on the plane from Rome to Malta;
  • When asked if he would accept the invitation to Ukraine, Francis answered;
  • “This proposal is on the table,” said the Holy Father.

a look: Pope Francis: My trip to Kyiv is under study

Government commissioner-designate for war refugees

  • Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki appointed Government Commissioner for War Refugees from Ukraine;
  • was the Deputy Minister for Administration and Home Affairs, Bauwe Bossernaker;
  • One of its tasks is to coordinate and implement interministerial war refugee activities;
  • The Commissioner’s job will also be to cooperate with local governments and NGOs.

a look: The war in Ukraine. Bowie Busernaker became the government commissioner for war refugees from Ukraine

Russians shot protesters in Inrhodara

  • A demonstration was dispersed in Innerhodarze, which was occupied by the Russian army.
  • Residents took to the streets carrying Ukrainian flags.
  • The Russians had to shoot the two assembled.
  • Ukrinform reported that we could hear bursts of vending machines and loud explosions;
  • Enerhoatom, whose employees live in the city, said they were infected.

a look: The Russians shot civilians who were queuing for bread. At least 10 people died

Russia does not have the strength to attack. Chemical weapons can be usedy

  • The head of Ukraine’s foreign ministry told CNN that the Kremlin “doesn’t have the strength to deal with attacks from many sides;
  • According to Dmytro Kuleba, “Putin will not admit his mistake”;
  • “They will always say they are winning and that everything is fine,” he added.
  • The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council warned against chemical weapons.
  • We must be ready to use it,” Oleksiy Danilov said via Telegram.

a look: The war in Ukraine. Russia does not have the strength to attack from several directions. Chemical weapons can be used

Polsat News: Polski Squad303 fights Russian propaganda

  • The goal of the Squad303 project is “to build channels of communication with the people of Russia”;
  • “They have been isolated from foreign media” – says the hacker from the group in Polsat News;
  • Squad303 has created a tool to send spam messages to Russian phones;
  • In this way, information about what is happening in Ukraine can be communicated;
  • We want to empower everyone who wants to oppose Putin and power in the Kremlin.”

a look: The war in Ukraine. Squad303: We do what democratic governments cannot do

Journalist Maxim Shuen died. There are preliminary results

  • “Journalist Maxim Shuin, who disappeared on the front lines in the Kyiv region, died”;
  • This was announced, Saturday, by the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Andrey Yermak.
  • The Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office stated that Levin was killed by Russian soldiers:
  • The reporter was lost on March 13 in the combat zone of the Kyiv region;
  • On April 1, his body was found near the village of Huta Meżyhirska.
  • The 41-year-old photojournalist and documentary filmmaker was defenseless;
  • He collaborated, among other things, with Reuters and Associated Press, as well as the BBC.

a look: The war in Ukraine. Journalist Maxim Shuen died. There are preliminary findings of the Prosecutor’s Office

USA: Sanctions against 120 companies from Russia and Belarus

  • On Friday, the US Department of Commerce announced the imposition of more sanctions;
  • The restrictions will affect 120 companies from Russia and Belarus;
  • These are companies from the defense sector as well as the aerospace and marine industries;
  • They have been cut off from Western technologies.
  • The White House said they would not be able to import key technologies without a license;
  • As a result of the introduction of controls, the export of these technologies decreased by 99%;
  • It is a response to Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty.

a look: The war in Ukraine. USA: Sanctions against 120 companies from Russia and Belarus

Post-Soviet NATO Tanks for Ukraine

  • The United States will mediate the delivery of Soviet-era tanks to Ukraine.
  • This was reported by the New York Times.
  • An anonymous representative of the management did not mention the number of machines;
  • The countries from which they will be transferred have also not been specified;
  • It is also not known what the US mediation should consist of;
  • These tanks are equipped with, among other things, polishing.

a look: The war in Ukraine. The New York Times: NATO countries will deliver post-Soviet tanks to Ukraine

Investigative journalists about a missile near Belgorod: It was launched from Russia

  • Investigative journalists from the CIA team analyzed the “attack” in Belgorod, Russia.
  • They claimed that the missile that hit a field near a Russian city on Friday was launched from Russia;
  • Analysts examined the sources, determined the location of the hit, and determined the type of projectile;
  • They also determined the direction from which the missile was launched.
  • Most likely, it was a maneuverable missile that the Ukrainian forces did not have.

a look: The war in Ukraine. Investigative journalists about a missile near Belgorod: It was launched from Russian territory

Today’s video – Grande: The situation with refugees is unpredictable

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, said in Polsat News: – I have never seen such a level of solidarity in Europe before. – This position is an important lesson for us that no country is able to face a crisis of this kind alone. He stressed that we must work together. At the moment, he added, the priority is to find shelter for the displaced.

hlk / Polsatnews.pl

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