Russia's attack on Ukraine.  Biden: Putin chose war on purpose

Ukraine has fallen victim to an unprovoked and unprovoked attack by the Russian armed forces. President Putin deliberately chose a war that would lead to massive loss of life and human suffering. Joe Biden said that Russia itself is responsible for the death and destruction that this attack will bring.

Joe Biden added that the United States and its allies would respond with “united and decisive responses” and that “the world will hold Russia to account.”

And he announced that, on Thursday, he will hold consultations with the leaders of the Group of Seven countries and the leaders of NATO countries, and will announce in the letter the upcoming costs imposed on Russia.

“Tonight, Jill and I are praying for the brave and proud people of Ukraine,” the US president added.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin issued the order International news agencies reported Thursday morning the implementation of a special military operation in Donbass.

Putin said Russia could not tolerate what he called “threats from Ukraine” and “warnings of foreign interference”. He further stated that the military operation in Donbas was aimed at “protecting the local population” and that “conditions required Russia to act decisively”. He added that Russia “has no intention of occupying Ukraine.”

He said the Russian president had announced the start of a “special military operation” to “disarm” and “disarm” Ukraine.

The situation in Kiev was reported by Onet . correspondent. – A little after five local time, we began to hear the explosion in Kiev. We’re in the center, bangs looking way too far away. We get very crowded early in the morning. Like most journalists, we prepare jackets and helmets. However, everything happens calmly, without undue panic. In my opinion, explosions can be heard near Kiev. During the bombing of the suburbs of Donetsk, they were much closer – notes Marcin Wirwal.

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