June 8, 2023


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Russians forge passports.  All to stay in the European Union

Russians forge passports. All to stay in the European Union

“No one knows exactly how many Russians were hiding in Finland before they were drafted into the army in Russia,” Finnish broadcaster Elle reported on Tuesday.

They visit passports. The Russians want to stay in the European Union

The period of stay in the EU is calculated on the basis of passport stamps, but these are currently “rigged”. Hide that the authorized stay time has been exceeded – It was reported, quoting sources in the Border Guard.

According to the headquarters of the border guard unit in southeastern Finland, which oversees the busiest crossing points connecting Finland and the St. Petersburg region, this fall “The number of detected forgery cases has increased many times over.”

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Russians also come to us by air, not only to Finland, but also with the aim of continuing travel to the Schengen countries. We’re talking about thousands of people who are still in the area right now,” said Matti Petcanetti, head of the International Department of Border Patrol.

Russians are fleeing Putin’s war

This year, the Border Guard has already recorded about 350 cases of falsifying the residence period. This is much more than in previous years. Currently, officers are conducting about 90 investigations. Fake stamps are used to prove that a person has resided in the Schengen area for the permitted 90 days of border crossing. Border guards reported that most of the cases of fraud involved people who came from Russia, from the North Caucasus region.

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In September, for about a week, when partial mobilization was announced in Russia, several thousand people with Russian passports crossed the Finnish border every day. In total, it was about 55 thousand. people, but most of them – as shown at the time – headed to other European countries. In late September, Finnish authorities imposed border restrictions, preventing Russians from entering or transiting through Finland, on the basis of a typical tourist visa.

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