December 9, 2022


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Russians complain about the lack of food.  Unbelievable what they eat - O2

Russians complain about the lack of food. Unbelievable what they eat – O2

The Ukrainian Security Service regularly intercepts the talks of the Russian invaders, Which refuted the myth of “the strength of the Russian army” that the propaganda speaks loudly about. The conversation on Telegram, which was published by the services, also proves that the Russians have great problems in providing even the most basic things.

Dogs must eat

In an interview with a friend, the Russian describes that their sites are regularly attacked by Ukrainians and that they “have nothing to eat”. After a while, she adds, she forces them to eat dogs. The interviewer replies that they “only talk about victories on television.”

The soldier says that he is in Kherson province and that food “cannot be delivered” there. However, it is worth emphasizing that the entire region is occupied by Russian troops.

After a while, he told the invader that “the situation did not improve, and yesterday they had to eat a Yorkie.” He also asked a friend of 5,000. A ruble loan (about 338 zlotys) so that he could “go to Kherson and do some shopping”. – There is already a ruble walking – he says. However, a friend says he can’t help.

Panic among the Russians

As reported by Ukrinform on Tuesday, citing the Ukrainian Southern Operational Command, Russian forces intensified firing in southern Ukraine, but Ukrainian forces prevented them from moving forward, and their counterattack created panic in the ranks of the Russians.

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