Russian soldiers' wives have joined Putin's crew.  They had one demand

It will soon be two years since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. However, there is no indication that this conflict will end any time soon. The war, devastating for Ukraine, is also generating unrest in information-isolated Russia, as evidenced by the activities of the “Put Domoy” or “Road Home” group.

This is the Association of Russian Soldiers' WivesWho were drafted into the army and sent to war in Ukraine.

There is a lot of talk in the media about their action that happened on January 20, 2024. The soldiers' wives placed flowers on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and then entered the building where Vladimir Putin's presidential campaign headquarters is located. They come to Russia electionsalthough it would be better to put this word in quotes.

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The multi-person group was led by Maria Andreeva, whose husband was mobilized in October 2022. It was she who strongly called on President Vladimir Putin to take a position on the rotation of soldiers or their withdrawal from the front.

Actors and agents against soldiers' wives. Tension is rising in Russia

According to the independent Russian website medusa.ioA quarrel broke out between the demonstrators and headquarters employees. The latter group was supposed to copy the data published by Russian propaganda.

According to the portal, actors also participatedwhich was intended to belittle the fears of the striking women and render their protest unfounded.

According to unofficial information, the protest may cause problems for women. This event was scheduled to be monitored by employees of the Special Center for Combating Extremism, which he established Ministry of Interior.

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