Russian police arrested Marina Ovsianikova.  The whole world knew her - O2

Photos posted on social media show how policemen take Marina Osyankova to a pickup truck. However, no confirmed information was provided about the reasons for the arrest of the ex-journalist of the Public Television of the Russian Federation. Marina was arrested. Information about his location is unknown – we read in the entry.

Marina Ovsyannikova was detained in Russia. The whole world talks about it

In mid-March, Marina Osyankwa announced herself to the world through a raucous event she carried out as part of an anti-war protest during the news broadcast by Russia’s state broadcaster Perfi Canal. Then the presenter appeared behind his back with a poster with anti-war slogans in Ukraine. The gesture still evokes feelings, and opinions about the true intentions of the activist are divided. The woman received an administrative fine and then left for Germany. According to the BBC, Osyannikwa recently returned to Russia, explaining family circumstances and the expiration of a previously signed contract.

Last Friday, July 15, journalist and activist He conducted a one-man anti-war sit-in in Moscow near the Kremlin.

Putin is a killer. His soldiers are fascists. 352 children were killed. How many children must die before it stops? It was written on the label of Marina Oceanaqua.

It is possible that Sunday’s arrest is related to this particular incident. However, it is not yet confirmed why the police handcuffed Osiannikwa and where she was taken.

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