Russian invasion of Ukraine.  A large part of Poles want Ukraine to join the European Union

In a survey conducted in four countries of the European Union, two participants were randomly asked. The first was: Do you support allowing the supply of military equipment to Ukraine? The second concerns respondents’ opinion about the possibility of Ukraine joining the European Union.

The results show that the attitude in Poland, Germany, France and Italy is the attitude towards Ukraine more positive than Russia.

Thus, there is now support for the supply of military equipment to Ukraine, and thus the provision of military assistance to that country 65 percent. French, 66 percent Germans , 57 percent Italians and above 91 percent pillars.

On the other hand, when it comes to Ukraine’s integration with the European Union, he supports such a step 62 percent. French, 69 percent Germans , 71 percent Italians and 91 percent pillars.

vote. What Europeans think about Putin and Zelensky

Europeans from four countries were also asked what they thought of Ukraine and Russia.

The survey shows that the following people have a good opinion of Ukraine: 82 percent. French, 86 percent Germans , 80 percent. Italians and 91 percent. pillars. Opinions about Russia, which invaded Kyiv on February 24, are completely different. So he has a good opinion in Russia 21 percent. French, 19 percent. Germans , 13 percent. Italians and 6 percent. pillars.

The sympathies of the inhabitants of four European countries towards the Ukrainian and Russian leaders are very similar.

It should come as no surprise that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has fared much better than Vladimir Putin. Zelenskiy’s good opinion is: 65 percent. French, 80 percent Germans , 67 percent. Italians and 93 percent. pillars. On the other hand, Vladimir Putin can count on confidence 12 percent. French, 9 percent. Germans , 8 percent. Italians and 3 percent. pillars.

The telephone survey was conducted March 3-7 in France, Italy, Germany and Poland. In each of these countries, 1002, 1011, 1001 and 994 people were interviewed, respectively.

Who is the survey commission?

Yalta European Strategy (YES) – The Polish Yalta European Strategy is the leading forum for discussions on the future of Ukraine in Europe. Yes, it supports new ideas for the development of this country.

“It connects Ukraine with international partners, supports forces to change the country, and builds networks of supporters of the new Ukraine around the world,” says the think tank’s website. The Board of Directors of YES is made up of past and present politicians from all over Europe. These include the former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski, the former Prime Minister of Sweden – Karl Bildt, Pat Cox – the former President of the European Parliament or Anders Fogh Rasmussen – the former Secretary General of NATO.

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