Russian in the tournament.  Maria and Lech Kaczyski.  There is an agreement.  Minister explaining tennis

– At the tennis memorial to the presidential couple Lech and Maria Kaczynski in Kozyrki, Russian Valeria Ulyanovskaya received a base card for the main tournament – wrote on Twitter journalist Bartosh Ignacik, who deals with, among other things, at Canal Place Tennis.

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Born in Moscow

The organizers of each tennis tournament have the right to award the so-called “Wild Cards”. These are passes to the event, thanks to which the competitor with a lower rating or not reported in time can start the competition. Tennis players are usually awarded “Wild Cards” from the country in which the event takes place.

Valeriia Olianovskaia (or Waleria Olianowska), 21 years old, currently ranks 872 in the WTA Ranking. She was born in Moscow, but the procedure for granting her Polish citizenship is currently suspended. to the championship ITF In Kozerki (near Grodzisk Mazowiecki) with a prize pool of $100,000, you join as a player representing Russia. next to her name on the references page Tennis The flag is missing, as has been the case for other tennis players from Russia and Belarus since the start of the invasion of Ukraine.

Tournament in Kozyrki Screen / ITF

Apply for Polish citizenship

One of the biggest stars of the Kozyrky party is Magdalena FarshCurrently 82nd in the world. Poland’s third racketeer – after Ija Šwijtek and Magda Linnet – carried a wild card because she did not turn up for the tournament on time. – The remaining wild cards went to Polish Championship silver medalist Martina Kupka (Centralny Club Tenesoie Grodzisek Mazowiecki), Anna Hertel (AZS Pozna), Czech Lucy Havlikova (exchange with the Czech Tennis Federation) and Aleria Ulyanowska, who recently took the Polish. Citizenship – we read on the portal grodzisknews .pl.

The minister also spoke on Twitter at Olianowska sports Kamil Bortnizok, who explained: “The player made a statement, with the content proposed by the ministerial team. From the first day of the attack on Ukraine, she criticized the actions of the Putin regime. She has been living in Poland for 4 years. And her application for Polish citizenship is at the last stage of the proceedings ” . Since the early days of the Russian invasion, the 21-year-old has criticized the attack on Ukraine via social media.

On Tuesday, Walria Ulyanovska lost in the first round in Kozyrki with Belarusian Kristina Dmytrok 2: 6, 1: 6.

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Great tennis in Kozyrki

The presidential couple memorial to Maria and Lech Kaczynski is the first ITF W100 tennis tournament in Poland (lower level than WTA). It is also the biggest event of the 4th edition of the Polish LOTOS PZT Tour – the Polish National Cup. President Andrzej Duda sponsored the event in Kozerki, and Agnieszka Radwańska was the sporting director of the tournament.

This event is held on the hard courts of the National Training Center of the Polish Tennis Federation in Kozyrki. This is a new facility that should greatly influence the development of Polish tennis. The court complex was officially opened last Saturday. The Central Court is named after Lech Kaczyński.

sense in el.  LM.  They returned to the cups after 58 years, beating the finalist LEsense in el. LM. They returned to the cups after 58 years, beating the finalist LE

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