Russia will send astronauts into orbit with the Elon Musk capsule.  This is a historical moment

This event is very important until recently Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Roscosmos blame Ilona Mosca | To destroy the global space industry with its reusable rockets and set dump prices for launching cargo into orbit.

Unfortunately, the fact that the enormous costs incurred by Russia in connection with organizing space missions for its crews to the International Space Station and the deteriorating industries of our neighbor year after year meant that Rogozin had to take advantage of the offer of NASA and SpaceX. It must be emphasized very strongly that we are talking here about Russian flights on a vehicle belonging to a private company.

This shows how Americans are moving forward with space technology development, leaving Russia, the European Union and China behind. These are agencies of the governments of the great powers. “In our opinion, SpaceX has already gained enough experience for us to position our astronauts Dragon Crew– said Dmitry Rogozin during his visit to the United Arab Emirates.

Experts believe that the first flight of the Russian cosmonaut aboard the Crew Dragon may take place during the mission Crew 5Which will be organized in the second half of 2022. In a few days, SpaceX will launch the Crew-3 mission. The astronauts will spend about 6 months aboard the space house, after which they will be replaced by another crew.

Dmitry Rogozin, salads Roscosmos For several years now, the Kremlin and the Kremlin have been keeping an eye on the rapidly growing private sector of the US space industry. They do not spare bitter words about him, but quietly envy that American entrepreneurs have such a huge potential. The head of Roscosmos repeatedly appealed to Putin and begged him to allocate more money to the failed agency.

Perhaps the situation will change when the Russians watch the live broadcast of the cosmonauts’ flights on the plane American spacecraft. After the end of the space shuttle era, the Americans until recently were in the Russian Soyuz, but NASA began to support the private sector, and the result was a 180-degree shift in fact.

Not so long ago, Rogozin swore that without Russia’s help, NASA would send astronauts into space on a launch pad. I have actually verified these words. In February, the Americans will send their most powerful rocket on their first trip around the moon space launch system With the Orion capsule, a little later this trip will also take place Starship From SpaceX, meanwhile a capsule will fly to the International Space Station starliner and the Dream Chaser mini shuttle.

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