Russia will pretend it wants peace

Russian authorities appear to be escalating the disinformation operation to divert attention from the lack of tangible successes on the battlefield and to slow the delivery of Western tanks and other aid ahead of expected Ukrainian counterattacks, the Institute for War Research notes in a recent analysis. .

The Russian Defense Ministry has accused “the United States and its partners” of planning a provocation in Ukraine using toxic chemicals. In this regard, the ministry said that Ukrainian officials are planning attacks on sensitive radiation facilities in Ukraine in order to accuse Russian forces of launching mass attacks on such sites. The apparent increase in the number of false partners for a coordinated Russian media operation accusing Ukraine of preparing to invade Transnistria in Moldova.

Russia pretends to want dialogue

The Kremlin is likely to try to resume a Russian disinformation operation to discredit Russia as open to negotiation while the collective West refuses to negotiate. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on February 28 that Russian officials are open to negotiations to end the war in Ukraine, but that Ukraine and the West must recognize new “territorial realities” of Russia’s illegal annexation of occupied territories in Ukraine, the ISW notes.

Peskov added that Ukraine also needs to recognize Russia’s specific goals in the war in Ukraine to reach a negotiated settlement. These goals include changing the Ukrainian government regime under the banner of “denazification” and undermining Ukraine’s ability to defend against future Russian attacks under the banner of “demilitarization”. A Kremlin spokesman said that Russia had made serious preparations to ensure the security of the talks before invading Ukraine, but accused the West of not being open to such talks. These are the claims filed against the United States at the end of 2021.

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