Russia wants to impose the new order in the hands of the United States

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin warned NATO before the integration of Ukraine into its structures. He also declared, if such an expansion of the alliance occurred, the Kremlin would take “appropriate military and technical measures”.

Putin participated in a meeting of the board of directors of the expanded Defense Ministry on Tuesday. He stressed that Russia has the “full right” to take measures to ensure its security and sovereignty. He also said that Moscow did not demand any special conditions for itself. “Russia supports equal and indivisible security throughout the Eurasian space,” Putin said.

Wake up: Russia didn’t say the last word

The tension in US-Russia relations was commented on by Marek Budzis on WNET Radio. One of the threads of discussion related to the Kremlin’s reaction to the US proposals for negotiation.

Washington proposed conducting negotiations on Moscow, but the offer to start talks after the New Year was rejected. The Kremlin demanded that it start immediately. Moreover, the Russian Federation expects only the United States to be on the other side of the negotiating table, without any other allies. Budzis noted that the difference in attitudes between the United States and Russia is very serious. The United States does not agree to ensure that Ukraine does not join NATO

– Russia wants to impose a certain new order, but not through its own work, but in the hands of the Americans. If the Americans agreed to this new order, they would in fact have to either withdraw militarily from Europe or significantly reduce their presence. The expert said that Russia is ready to fill the resulting void.

Budzis stressed that Putin’s proposals would not be disarmed. Russia wants to maintain its military presence and reduce the US presence. If that happened, we would be dealing with a shifting relationship of forces.

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