November 26, 2022


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Russia.  The media.  In Ukraine, Alexei Gurobik, commander of the 20th Volgograd Division, died

Russia. The media. In Ukraine, Alexei Gurobik, commander of the 20th Volgograd Division, died

The Russian Ministry of Defense had announced losses among the soldiers involved in the armed invasion of Ukraine at the end of March. This topic is often, but also rarely, discussed by the media. On Thursday, they reported that the commander of the 20th Motorized Rifle Division in Volgograd and his deputy were killed in Ukraine.

Local media in Volgograd cited the wife of the commander of the 20th division Alexei Gurubek, who confirmed the news of his death. The woman was informed that the information in this case had been given to her over the phone. report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine

According to the media, a DNA test was necessary to confirm the identity of the late 49-year-old colonel. According to reports, his deputy, Alexei Avramachenko, was killed in the fighting in Ukraine.

The newspaper “Kommersant” noted that last year Gurubek participated in the preparation of the Military-Technical Forum of the Army 2021, which was held at the training ground in Alabino.

Photo of Alexei Gurobik in the publication of the newspaper “Kommersant”

The portal reported that Gorobiec took part in a “special operation” (propaganda term for an armed invasion) in Ukraine “practically from the very beginning and carried out complex combat missions.” And the media does not reveal any details, for example, where and under what circumstances the colonel was killed.

Data from the Department of Defense and freelance journalists

Since the start of the armed Russian invasion of Ukraine (February 24), the Ministry of Defense has reported casualties among soldiers in Ukraine only twice: on March 2, it reported that 498 soldiers were killed in Ukraine. On March 25, the number 1351 was reported. At that time, the Kyiv authorities estimated that several thousand Russian soldiers were killed, wounded or captured.

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In early July, the BBC’s Russian section said it had been able to identify the names so far More than 4,500 Russian soldiersWho died in the war in Ukraine. The BBC has reported the losses several times. It stressed that at least 17 percent of the losses it confirmed were officers.

Kommersant,, BBC

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