Russia.  Surprising scene on TV propaganda.  Criticism of Donald Trump

  • Vladimir Solovyov is one of the main Kremlin advocates. In his program, he raised the topic of an article by the American scientist Professor Timothy Snyder
  • Apparently Solovyov was furious and called Snyder a “moron”. Kremlin propaganda also attacked Donald Trump
  • Such a scene on pro-Putin TV is surprising. So far, Soloviev has supported Trump and insisted that he would like to see him president of the United States
  • The latest information on the Russian invasion of Ukraine In live reports
  • More such texts can be found on the Onet homepage

On the program “An Evening with Vladimir Solovyev” broadcast on the pro-Kremlin channel Russia 1, the host and his guests spoke about a famous article by the world famous historian Timothy Snyder. The scientist, a professor at Yale University, published a text in the New York Times entitled “We must say out loud: Russia is fascist.” This enraged Soloviev, a prominent Kremlin advocate. The whole event was described and analyzed by journalist Julia Davis of “The Daily Beast”, who monitors the message of the pro-Kremlin media on a daily basis.

The text continues below the video.

An unexpected attack on Trump

In his article, which infuriated Russian preachers, Snyder stated that fascism was rebounding after World War II, as seen in Putin’s Russia invasion of Ukraine. The famous historian noted the main signs of fascism, noting that they fit into the current actions and rhetoric of the Putin regime. The American concluded: “If Ukraine loses, there will be decades of darkness.”

In response, Soloviev attacked not only Professor Snyder, but the entire United States. You’ve also got… Donald Trump, whom Kremlin propagandists have so far talked about in superlatives.

“Listen, you bastards,” said Solovyov, addressing the Americans directly. “I will tell you a secret: First, your marks [Sołowiow odnosi się do znaków, które wskazują na faszyzm w Rosji wypunktowanych w eseju Snydera — przyp. red.] They are fools by nature. Second, given the evidence you mentioned, how is it different from the Donald Trump campaign? Even his motto is “Make America Great Again”. This is an unexpected attack, because Soloviev so far had the best opinion about Trump. And in February, the Russian cried on seeing the villas he lost as a result of sanctions. He argued on air that Donald Trump would prefer the presidency of the United States.

Solovyov: Snyder knows nothing and understands nothing

The Kremlin propaganda official called Snyder a “fake professor in a phony university” and stated that the American “knows nothing and understands nothing.” He was nicknamed “a moron”. He was loaned by another “expert” on the show, Natalia Narochnitskaya, who says that “most of this nation is idiots.”

Timothy Snyder is a scientist who has collaborated with the universities of Paris, Vienna, Warsaw, Prague, and Harvard University. He is fluent in Polish and has researched the history of Central and Eastern Europe for over 20 years.


Professor Timothy Snyder (2018)

Apparently, Solovyov decided that Professor Yale’s years of research meant nothing. Putin’s advocate argued that Snyder was not truthful in his text. “They say we call Ukrainians Nazis because they don’t want to recognize themselves as Russians and they dare to resist. (…) He’s just a liar,” he said. Solovyov does not seem to remember that many columnists on Russian state television – including his own programs – expressed exactly this view.

In the program “An Evening with Vladimir Soloviev” political scientist Sergei Mikheev stated that The “Ukrainian Question” must be resolved once and for allBecause it is not known whether future generations of Russians will be able to cope with this task. Margarita Semongan, the pro-Putin head of Russia Today TV, often appears in Soloviev’s house. Recently, Semongan said that Russia is suspending military operations in Ukraine because … there are many Russians living there, who are being held hostage by Ukrainians. This is a topic that often appears in Russian propaganda – according to the Kremlin’s information line, the Russians are conducting a “military operation” (as in Russia Any attack on Ukraine is indicated, the word “war” is prohibited and its use is punishable by 15 years’ imprisonment), the purpose of which is to “discredit and demilitarize Ukraine”. Portals and Probotin TV are silent about the actual operation of the Russian army in Ukraine commits brutal crimes.



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