Russia restricts gas supplies to France.  Engy’s Information, Comments by Minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher

Russia’s Gazprom said on Tuesday that Gazprom will completely suspend gas supplies to France’s Engie from Thursday. ENGIE is one of the largest energy companies in Europe.

Gazprom Engie announced in a statement that it owns 9 percent. In Nord Stream, it did not pay in full for gas deliveries for July. “Gazprom Export has therefore notified Engie of the complete suspension of gas supplies from September 1, 2022, until full payment for the delivered gas is received,” Reuters quoted the Russian company as saying.

Engy’s representatives declined to comment. Earlier, the French company reported that Gazprom would limit gas supplies, but did not provide any details.

Gazprom recently announced a complete shutdown of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline for three days. German From August 31 from 1.00 am GMT (3.00 Poland time) to September 3 at 1.00 GMT. Supplying gas by pipeline from Russia To Germany has been significantly limited since June of this year. Currently, they are about 20 percent. The maximum capacity of the gas pipeline.

Reuters indicated that Russia may take advantage of the planned shutdown of the Nord Stream 1 project to increase pressure on Europe by delaying the resumption of the flow.

“It is very clear that Russia is using gas as a weapon of war and we must prepare for the worst-case scenario of a complete disruption of supplies,” Agnes Pannier-Runacher, Minister of Energy Transition, told France Inter radio.

Gas supply to France

As emphasized, Gazprom does not respect the signed contracts. At the same time, Panier Rancher added that France Diversification of energy supplies and recent cuts will not jeopardize winter gas availability. Even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Norway was responsible for a third of gas supplies to France.

Russian gas supplies to Engie have been reduced since the beginning Wars in Ukraine to just 1.5 TWh per month, according to the concern. The share of Russian gas in Engie’s supply is currently 4%, compared to 17% before the invasion.

ENGIE Group announced that it has already provided solutions for supplying its customers with gas even in the event of a supply interruption from Gazprom.

Government spokesman Olivier Veran confirmed that France would fill its gas storage facilities by the end of the summer. “We are ahead of schedule,” he told France Info radio. According to government data, warehouses are now 90 percent full.

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