Russia.  Political scientist on Putin's plans: A daughter could take his place

According to Galliamo, there are two reasons that might point to this put it in can make this decision. – Or not, In the summer they started promoting it for a reason. It’s not very active yet, but She has been appointed to a position indicating that she has prospects for further promotion – He said, citing the Ukrainian agency Unian.

As he remembers, she remained Putin’s daughter Co-Chairman of the Russian Federation of Importers and Industrialists. Because of the sanctions imposed on Russia Imports are crucial to the Russian economy – said the political scientist.

According to Galiamo, it will be possible to list this later Putin’s daughter is responsible for ‘rescuing the economy’.

Supposed to be the second reason Putin’s ambition. – He considers himself so The greatest politician of our time – He said. According to the expert, after Gurbanguly’s son Berdimuhamedov took powerAnd the The former president of Turkmenistan, the same may happen in Russia. – Looking at this, he might have these thoughts: If these idiots are capable of this, then I, the Grand Strategist, can definitely.“.

However, the expert noted that even before starting The war in UkraineMost of the Russian citizens were negative about taking power Putin’s daughter.

Katerina Tikhonova She is the second daughter Russian President Vladimir Putin. After the start of the war in Ukraine, it was subject to sanctions by the United States, the European Union and Great Britain.

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