Russia.  OBI stores resume operations.  led by a Russian investor

By May 11, OBI DIY Store Chain will resume operations in the region RussiaAfter it was interrupted due to its continuation war in ukraine. The ports, however, will be managed by a different owner.

The first was opened store MOSCOW AT Chodynskoye Pole – The reopening took place on Wednesday, April 27. Shops in Moscow and Petersburg It will open by May 1, while all 27 stores will start operating by May 11 at the latest.

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Russia. OBI stores in Russia already have a different owner

The OBI website and mobile app will resume working, but for now it is in information mode. The launch date of the online store has not yet been announced.

The German owners of OBI said a few days ago that their activities in Russia They handed over responsibility to the founder of the audit group and the legal agency Cesar Consulting, Boris Lobochs, in order to do business there. OBI activities will be taken over by a Russian investor, and the contract was signed on April 11. The exact name has not been given the new network manager in Russia. The deal has not yet been finalized. On Tuesday, April 26, it was announced that the company will operate in this country under a changed name – the portal reports

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Russia. OBI distances itself from the activities of the Russian investor

The concept of stores in Russia, despite the change of owner, will not change. 5,000 employees work in Russian OBI stores, and OBI has officially been cut off from the activities of the local branch – we are currently learning from various media and social media that OBI stores will reopen in Russia. As announced on March 7, 2022, all OBI stores in Russia were closed and legal entities were transferred to the new owner (see the statement of March 13, 2022). This was done on the condition that the use of the OBI trademark in Russia would be discontinued. So, we point again and make it clear OBI Group does not and will not participate directly or indirectly in business in Russia after the transaction. Other information can be just propaganda and foreign actions of Russia, which, unfortunately, we have no influence on, as the OBI group – we read in the advertisement available on the company’s profile on LinkedIn.

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