June 8, 2023


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Russia is looking for volunteers to go to the front

The Russian authorities are trying to delay the announcement of any new, public and compulsory mobilization in order to reduce public discontent in the country. But a campaign to encourage military drafting is unlikely to attract 400,000. Volunteers, British Ministry of Defense assessment on Sunday.

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As reported in the daily intelligence update, the Russian Ministry of Defense has started another big one Volunteer campaign. As part of this campaign, advertisements appeared on Russian social networks, billboards and television. They appeal to the male pride of potential recruits.

The authorities appeal to “real men” and highlight the financial benefits of joining the army.

A British ministry has pointed out that since the suspension of access to conscript prisoners, the private military company Wagner Group is competing for a limited pool of Russian men of military age.

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The campaign is unlikely to attract 400,000 people. Volunteers, as the Russian Ministry of Defense would like. The authorities are almost certainly trying to delay any new public and compulsory mobilization as long as possible in order to reduce public discontent in the country.

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