Russia.  Another video for "Putin's Team".  They openly support the invasion

Kremlin propaganda Young people are encouraged to support Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A nationwide video showing a few hundred people has been posted on the Internet A group of young men wearing clothes that read “Putin’s Team”. Produced by Sima Land company from Yekaterinburg, a city in the Urals in Sverdlovsk Oblast.

“I am Azerbaijani, I am Armenian, I am Uzbek, I am Georgian, I am Kazachka, I am Jewish …” – Youth They mention their nationalities in the movie.

Youth group “Putin’s Team” finishes the film’s message “We are Russians! We are together!” “Vladimir Vladimirovich, we are with you” – the participants concluded the recording.

The independent Belarusian channel Nexta claims that “Putin’s team” uses a gesture similar to the Nazi German salute.

This is not the first video of this kind Inspired by Sima Land online store from Yekaterinburg. It was published by the recordings of Russian flags and “Z” symbols that Russia carries its military hardware, and a declaration that Russia is responding to the “repression in the Donbass”.

Zhanna Ryabtseva, deputy of the Ural Duma Council, spoke in one of her previous films about “the war that has been going on for eight years, during which Women and children are dying, and the whole world has been turning a blind eye for eight years“We are with the Donbass”, “We are with the president”, “We are with our mighty army” – we read the slogans in the recording.

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Thousands of Simaland employees participated in the organized flash rally in support of “Special Operation” in Ukraine, according to the portal from Ekaterinbuyrga. Young They danced to the song “For Donbas” by Vadim Samoilov, Who sang the song on stage.

The masks have fallen, we are defending the interests of our country, the great Russia. Viktor Zepti, Vice-President of the Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk, announced from the podium, that we support our President, our Commander-in-Chief.

In Russia, clothes, shoes and gadgets from the “Putin Team” series of Sima Land are now available for purchase via the Internet. The company has been operating for four years. At the same time, the producer regularly releases propaganda films that support the policy of the Kremlin.

Earlier, the pro-Kremlin Russian media published A film that encourages citizens of other countries to move to Russia. The authors of the clip mentioned the merits of Putin’s homeland.

Russia’s State Duma on July 6 The law was adopted to create a new movement for children and young people. Subsequently, the Russian media reported on the founding meeting with the participation of other existing organizations including students, federal authorities and representatives of the Russian President, which took place in the Russian-occupied Crimea.

According to the TASS news agency Russian President Vladimir Putin has agreed to take over the leadership of the movement.

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The organization’s goal isShaping children’s view of the world based on traditional valuesAccording to the Kremlin’s plan, the organization should create a “unified policy for the education of children and young people”.

The media noted that a new youth regulation bill was submitted to the State Duma In memory of the founding of the leading All-Union Organization they. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was founded on May 19, 1922. In Soviet Russia, this organization brought together children and youth up to 14 years old, to prepare cadres for the Komsomol, a communist youth organization in the Soviet Union.

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