Russia.  Another fire, a production plant near Moscow caught fire

On Thursday, a recording appeared on the Internet from Kuznetsov near Moscow, where a fire broke out Plastic production plant.

The video shows that the plume of smoke can be seen from a distance. According to Russian media, the plane was about to burn Warehouse area of ​​450 square meters.

The first information appeared after 12:00 Moscow time (10:00 Polish time). Rescue services are still at the scene, according to Channel 24.

This is the second fire in 24 hours. On November 30, more than 100 firefighters put out a fire in a plastics warehouse in Volgograd. The fire covered an area of ​​1,500 square meters, and the work was so complicated that a fire engine was called.

The authorities stated that no one was killed in Volgograd. On the other hand, residents reported clouds of toxic smoke over the city.

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