Russia accuses Ukraine of poisoning Russian soldiers with food poisoning

The Russian Defense Ministry accused Ukraine on Saturday of poisoning Russian soldiers in the Russian-controlled part of Zaporozhye in southeastern Ukraine in late July. A consultant to Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs responded to the allegations, saying that the alleged poisoning may have been caused by Russians consuming old canned meat.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, on July 31, several Russian soldiers were admitted to a military hospital with symptoms of severe poisoning. According to the ministry, tests showed the presence of botulinum toxin type B, known as Botox.

“In connection with the chemical terrorism of the Zelensky regime Russia “The announcement did not say how many soldiers suffered or what their condition was,” the Russian ministry said in a statement.

Botulinum toxin type B is a neurotoxin that can cause food poisoning after eating contaminated food. The substance also has medicinal uses, for example in aesthetic medicine.

There is an answer: canned meat wine

Ministry of Defense Ukraine He has not commented on this issue yet. However, Anton Heraszenko, adviser to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, commented on the Russian accusations.

Hirashenko wrote on Telegram: “The Russian Ministry does not clarify whether the poisoning was caused by stale canned meat, which often contains botulinum toxin. From the first days of the invasion of Ukraine, the occupying forces complained about stale food rations.” .

Main image source: Alexander Garmayev / TASS / Forum

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