May 28, 2023


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Russell Crowe won’t be back in Gladiator 2. And Derek Jacoby?

Derek Jacobythat it Tiberius Gracchus from the original version “the gladiator” She will return to her current role in preparing it Ridley Scott sequel. They also joined the cast Mai KalmawiAnd Peter Mensah And Lucas died. after Barry Keoghan He resigned from the role of Emperor Gita, and is applying for the role Fred Hechinger.

Who was Tiberius Gracchus played by Derek Jacobi?

played before Derek Jacobi Tiberius Gracchus He was a Roman senator who was first elected under Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris). He did not trust Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix), however, she seems to secretly admire his ability to manage crowds. He finally went over to the side of Maximus (Russell Crowe).

What do we know about “Gladiator 2”?

behind the camera “Gladiator 2” Will stand again Ridley Scottwho will also produce the film for the company Michael BruceAnd Doug Wake And Lucy Fisher. He is the author of the latest version of the script David Scarpawho wrote to Scott Also this year “Napoleon” And “all the money in the world”.

The main role in “Gladiators 2” will play Paul Mescal He was nominated for an Academy Award this year for his performance in “after the sun”. He is depicted as Lucius, the grandson of Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris), son of Lucila (Connie Nielsen) and the evil nephew of Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix). At the conclusion of the first movie he played Russell Crowe General Maximus saved the hero from death, while he was taking revenge on the killers of his family.

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Watch the trailer for “Gladiator”

Roman General Maximus, sentenced to death by a pretender to the imperial throne, narrowly escapes with his life from a trap set for him. Captured by a slave trader, he underwent murderous training, and became a gladiator. Thanks to his extraordinary skills, he returns to Rome, to the arena of the Colosseum, where he quickly gains an opportunity for revenge.