March 27, 2023


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Wirus RSV atakuje dzieci! W szpitalu w Wadowicach może brakować łóżek dla maluchów

RSV virus infects children! There may be a shortage of beds for young children at Wadowice Hospital

A virus called RSV has caused a wave of illness in young children. In the Wadowice Hospital, the pediatric ward is already filled with patients.

The wave of the disease emerged at the end of September, and quickly injured young, especially from attending kindergarten. Rhinovirus and RSV attack the respiratory system of children.

Premature babies are most likely to be infected with RSV. The virus can cause them severe illness must be treated in the intensive care unit for newborns at the hospital. It is associated with the underdeveloped respiratory system and the immature immune system of premature babies.

The two-week increase in incidence was observed throughout Małopolska. Children up to 5 years old often go to clinics. Many children’s wards are running out of vacancies.

We are already seeing an increase in the number of young patients. There was always an increase in cases among children in the fall and winter, but this year was a little bit faster. In the children’s suite we have 25 beds already occupied. This disease is particularly annoying for young children and older suffer from it gently – she told us on Thursday Barbara PolanoskaDistrict Hospital Director. John Paul II in Wadowice.

In the Krakow hospitals, it has already been decided to add extra beds in the children’s wards.

There were no seats available for several days. In general, all our duties are to fight for a place for patients who absolutely need treatment in the hospital – Dr. Katharzina Harniar of the Children’s Hospital Krakow-Prokosem told RMF FM.

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