Roxane Bruneau at the Bell Center: An exceptional end to the tour

Screams, tears, laughter and fire, Roxane Bruneau wrapped up her “Acrophobia” tour Friday evening at the Bell Center, in front of an ecstatic crowd.

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The Montreal Amphitheater was packed. the audience; Loud as hell. They sang most of the lyrics very loudly, inspiring, applauding and dazzling singer-songwriters; Pyrotechnics, giant screens – including a very impressive central one -, light effects worthy of great shows and supporting motorbikes.

Roxane Bruneau at the Bell Center: An exceptional end to the tour

Mario Beauregard/QMI Agency

Sitting on a floating stage at the fall of the curtain, just after 8 p.m., Roxanne Bruno opened the evening with the title track, “Acrophobia.” The 32-year-old singer, moved to receive such waves of love, didn’t wear the public down long before continuing with the radio hit “Love Me Again” – during which she exclaimed, “It’s the best day ever.” my life” – and “Des p’tits bouts de toi”, came in quick succession during the two-and-a-half-hour presentation.

Roxane Bruneau at the Bell Center: An exceptional end to the tour


During this final concert, the singer had many surprises, especially the participation of giant beaver and Chloe Deblois, including goats, to bring the clip for “I don’t know” to life. Along with her very long eyebrows.

In this living moment

Roxane Bruneau, who is currently filming a documentary with Jean-Philippe Dion’s crew at Productions Déferlantes, took advantage of her evening as a full house, taking time to record some Tik Tok.

Always struggling to seize the moment, the singer took a break after her rendition of “Notre Belle Dementes,” emphasizing to the audience and cameramen who followed her onstage that she thoroughly enjoyed her centerpiece. “Thank you for making me live this ‘gang’. You came to get me at my 1 1⁄2, put me on your TV and radios,” he thanked fans and was moved.

Roxane Bruneau at the Bell Center: An exceptional end to the tour

Mario Beauregard/QMI Agency

In the final part of her show, the singer-songwriter devoted a section of covers, including the iconic “Nocturnal Confessions,” in which she took on two parts of Diams and Vita’s duet in her own way. The Doctor’s Office”, dedicated to his grandmother who died too soon, is “provocative” and “crying in the rain”.

The singer had “On My Way” and “I’m Not Stressed” for reminders.

Roxane Bruneau will release her third album “Submergée” this fall. The first part will also be available on online listening platforms from Saturday.

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