Rotten black comedy.  The movie "Alpha Male"

From June 24 at the MALTA cinema in Poznan! Directed by Katya and Igor Prezincio

thus, June 24 In Polish cinemas, a new film is being produced, a perverted black comedy on the subject of personal training, entitled “Alpha malesOn screen we will see: Mirosław Hanisevsky, Adam Bobek, Thomas Schuchardt, Christoph Struinsky, Pyotr Trojan, Konrad Ellerik, Vislav Komasa, Sebastian Berdyk, Lukas Ludkowski and Anthony Krulikowski.

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The film tells the story of five men who meet on a self-development course led by a charismatic coach, pseudonym “Lider” (Mirosław Haniszewski), who promises to mend their relationships with their partners. The controversial ways of a self-proclaimed specialist turn their lives upside down, leading to a series of funny, sometimes bloody horrific consequences.

Alpha male dweller in every man, does he wake up?

Despite the fact that training is a very small phenomenon, it has taken over our daily lives by storm. Slogans are all over us to make sure we can be the best version of ourselves. Charismatic coaches have become celebrities who gather millions of fans around them. Each country has its own star. In the United States, Tony Robbins can take hundreds of thousands of dollars for an hour of counseling, while in Poland, Mateusz Grzyczyk lectures at the largest universities. Today, anyone who believes that “the sky is the limit” can become a coach.

“Samiec Alfa” is an original film recorded in the black comedy convention, which tells in an opposite way about the mechanics of personal training. It is a picture of the contemporary world, in which the most rationally minded man can be considered mad, and the madman successfully manipulates facts, becoming authorities. It is also a story about the ability of a man who wants to make his own legend, thanks to which he will be remembered in history and ensure his immortality.

At the beginning of history, the world in cinemaAlpha males“It seems natural and orderly. But over time, the madness and the sudden course of events grow, affect the protagonist and also begin to act intensely on the audience. Realism begins to give way to the dream style, which quickly turns out to be funny but also the worst possible nightmare.

Film makers are Katya and Igor Previsio They are alumni of the Warsaw Film School. In 2016, they co-produced the award-winning short film “Leader,” which was expanded in 2021 into a full-length film. Igor is the author of the short film “La Chasse”. Katie’s first fictional debut is the film “Hill” (Warsaw Film Festival), created together with Bawi Tarasevic, and she is also the author of the screenplay for the 2018 film “Narzeczony na naby”, which collected 1,200,000 viewers in Polish cinemas.

The movie “Alpha Male”:

Script and Director: Katya Priuizensu and Igor Bryuzen New production: Parasitic Films, Katya Priuizencio and Korek Boyanovsky co-production: Telewizja Polska SA, Dynamo Film Maciej Maciantowicz, Sounds Good Jakub Jerszyński
she’s talking: Adam Bobek, Miroslav Hanisevsky, Thomas Schuchardt, Krzysztof Struinski, Peter Trojan, Konrad Elleric, Wieslav Komasa, Sebastian Berdyk, Kasz Lutik Ludkowski, Anthony Krulikowski

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