Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix star in Pawe Pawlikowski's new movie
Joaquin Phoenix (“Joker”) and Rooney Mara (“Nightmares”) will play the lead roles in the latest film directed by Pawe Pawlikowski. The movie is called “Al Jazeera” and shooting will begin in 2023.

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“Al Jazeera” – what do we know about the new film by Bawek Pavlikovsky?

Written and directed by Pawlikowski, the film will be based on true events. It is a story about a married couple who lived in America in the 1930s, and decided to escape from civilization and build their own paradise on a desert island. But when a millionaire passing nearby creates a media frenzy on their own initiative, black clouds gather around their asylum. Soon the self-proclaimed Countess appears on the island with a pair of lovers. The woman plans to turn the island into a luxury resort. Between the spouses and the retinue of the Countess, a psychological game full of acts of double loyalty and intrigue begins, and Mother Nature herself becomes an unexpected ally for the characters.

The film is produced by Tanya Segachian and John Woodward of Apocalypso Pictures and Brighstar. Ewa Puszczyńska will co-produce Extreme Emotions.

For Pawlikowski — the Academy Award winner for “Ida” — it will be a return to directing after winning Cannes for directing and being nominated for an Academy Award in three categories of “Cold War” from 2018. It will also be a return to English-language films — most recently, “Women.” From Five” with Ethan Hawke, produced 11 years ago. In turn, Mara and Phoenix will meet on the set again – in 2018 they starred in a biblical reinterpretation of the story “Maria Magrini”.

“Cold War” – Watch the trailer for Pawe Pawlikowski’s latest movie

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