January 28, 2023


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roller coaster on gold  Crude Oil Falls After Biden's Speech

roller coaster on gold Crude Oil Falls After Biden’s Speech

After Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the Polish currency clearly weakened. During the day, the EUR/PLN exchange rate exceeded 4.70. Almost on Thursday. 22.00 The zloty is trading at 4.64 against the euro and 4.14 against the dollaragainst 4.58 to the euro and 3.98 to the dollar at the close on Wednesday, respectively.

“Uncertainty related to the situation afterwards Russia’s aggression against Ukraine could further depreciate the zloty, even to over 4.70 per euro And a further increase in the profitability of Polish bonds, especially securities of shorter maturity ” It was assessed by the chief economist at Pocztowy Bank, Monica Kortic, citing PAP Biznes.

Oil price drops after Biden appearance

Brent crude fell below $96 on Thursday evening. While the price of a barrel exceeded $100 at noon. barrel,

Oil prices fell after Biden announced “sanctions”. This indicates that the “sanctions” are not serious and that the economic effects of Russian aggression may be limitedIt was evaluated by Piotr Bujak, chief economist at PKO BP.

On Thursday evening, the US President announced the imposition of sanctions against Russia. However, he did not mention the so-called “nuclear option” of cutting Russia off from the Swift system.

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