June 7, 2023


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Rogozin, an aide to Putin, was wounded in the bombing. New information

Ukrainian website Pravda reported on Wednesday night that Dmitry Rogozin, a well-known Kremlin propagandist and aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin, was infected in Donetsk.

Allegedly, the former Russian deputy prime minister was injured during the Ukrainian bombing – according to various sources – of a restaurant or hotel where the politician celebrated his birthday.

According to Ukrainian Pravda, as a result of “Accurate fire “was carried out by the Ukrainian armyRogozin was hit in the head, back, buttocks and thigh. But the media reported in the morning that the politician’s life was not in danger.


But on Thursday evening, information appeared on social media that Rogozin’s condition was deteriorating and the injuries were serious.

It is planned that the former deputy prime minister will be taken to Moscow, where doctors will decide on his further treatment.


Rogozin: We will take Kyiv, just as we took Vienna, Berlin and Budapest

A few weeks ago they were Rogozin announced that Russia would take Kyiv, just like other cities in Europe.

– As for how it will end (the war in Ukraine – Ed.), I am firmly convinced that we will occupy Kyiv, and not liberate it. We will liberate Donbass. “We will take everything else, as we took Vienna, Berlin and Budapest,” Rogozin told Russian propaganda television.

He stressed that the leadership of the Russian state “cannot leave this problem to our children and grandchildren.”

Rogozin, a former deputy prime minister and ex-head of Roscosmos, has publicly admitted that Russia is waging war on Ukraine. When asked what “denazification” meant, he simply replied that it was a matter of killing 300 to 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers and conscripts a day.

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“No one will regret it, at least no one from Donetsk and Luhansk,” he said.

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