Roger Waters concert cancelled: Frankfurt authorities consider him a bigoted anti-Semite

Roger Waters’ concert scheduled for May 28 at a World War II concentration camp in Germany has been canceled.

The city council of the city of Frankfurt, which made the decision, described the former singer and bassist of Pink Floyd as one of the biggest anti-Semites on the planet.

Roger Waters had planned to perform at the Festal in Frankfurt as part of his This Is Not a Drill tour.

The theater was a detention center in 1938, before the deportation of Jewish citizens to concentration camps. The Frankfurt City Council owns a 60% stake in this performance hall.

“The background to this cancellation is the persistent anti-Israel behavior of the former Pink Floyd frontman, who is considered one of the world’s worst anti-Semitists. He has repeatedly called for a cultural boycott of Israel, compared it to the apartheid regime of South Africa, and pressured artists to cancel their events in Israel,” the city council said. told the Jewish Telegraphic News Agency.

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Waters’ response

During previous tours, the musician was also criticized for using an inflatable dirigible in the shape of a pig with a Star of David.

In response, former Pink Floyd posted a video of Palestine Chronicle reporter Dr. Ramsey Barout on Twitter, saying that Roger Waters’ support for Palestine was the only reason the show was canceled by municipal officials.

“I love you bro,” Waters replied.

The concert was to be performed during the European leg of the This Is Not a Trill tour, which begins in Lisbon, Portugal on March 17. Roger Waters is scheduled to perform in Germany during the series in Hamburg (May 7), Cologne (May 9), Berlin (May 17 and 18) and Munich (May 21). The canceled Frankfurt concert is still available on the Roger Waters website.

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