October 27, 2021


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Rodrigo Gonzஸ்lez criticizes the style of Gisela Walkercell eye-sight

Rodrigo Gonzஸ்lez criticizes the style of Gisela Walkercell eye-sight

Driver Styling teasing At the last ceremony . During the show On October 11, ‘Beluchan’ promised that the ‘little girl’ would be stopped in a timely manner.

“Why do they do that harm to the ‘Pharisees’? That hairstyle and dress! No! What a pity! But who are your advisers, wearing your clothes, ‘Baricela’? Look at what he puts on his head, but there is nothing to do with it.” Except that they are used on the planet Rodrigo Gonzalez commented.

The driver highlighted that Gisela Valcárcel could beat well and buy more clothes: “Once a week, you have to think every day about what beautiful clothes you are going to wear. A show you watch in prime time on the weekend, beat a silver egg and put those eyes on it.”

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“Dangerous results, terrible fabric quality. I do not know, Gigi, I think it does not suit her, that princess Lea hairstyle”, He criticized the presenter of “Amore O Fuco” who suggested he go out in a dressing gown.

Similarly, Rodrigo Gonzalez compared Gisela Valcarcel to Talia’s appearance in the 90s: “And Gold Mike. Do you know what Kisela reminds me of? Talya in the yellow-blue era, she stayed in ’91, she had to put Margaritas on the bus, you Talia, but from the 90s […] It has nothing to do with its aesthetics, it will stop at the right time.

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Beluchan was encouraged to recommend to the ‘little girl’ to go to Miami to buy clothes from certain brands. “Balmine? Yes, Gisela can buy it for her, she can buy it. What’s in the window, one of the most watched conductors in the world, in our country, how many years on TV, the film is so important and when I turn it on she feels like I’m watching 93 on TV. “, Sentenced.

Rodrigo González mocks Gisela Valcárcel – Diario OJO

Source: Willows TV

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