Robots clone pigs, or How to develop artificial intelligence

Scientists from Nankai University in Tianjin, China have developed an AI-driven system capable of cloning pigs.

It turns out that such a solution is better than man-made. Researchers responsible for the autonomous pig production technology note that the margin of error is low as the switch to AI-powered robots has improved the success rate of pig cloning.

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Scientists from Nankai University took their first steps in this field in 2017, when they brought clones of piglets into the world with the help of robots. But the machines needed a helping hand: the human had to help remove the nucleus of the egg because robots couldn’t do it alone.

Robots are better at cloning pigs than humans

The so-called nucleus is inserted in place of the nucleus of the egg. somatic cell. They are able to produce all kinds of tissues needed to create a copy of the animal from which the genetic material was taken. This can be done manually with the help of a microscope. Humans can clone up to 1,000 animals in a single day. However, robots can significantly speed up the whole process.

Every step of the cloning process is automated and requires no human intervention. Our AI-based system can calculate stresses in a cell and instruct the robot to use the least force to complete the cloning process, reducing cell damage caused by human hands.Liu Yaoi explains

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So the whole thing can be summed up in one sentence: AI is once again showing that it can compete with humans. In many respects, he still cannot compete with us, but there are regularly more areas in which he shows his superiority. Details of the technical aspects of the achievements of Chinese scientists will soon be published in a journal.

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