Roberto Soldyck knocks on Muhammed Khalidov in the evening fight KSW 65

The fight between Mamed Khalidow and Roberto Soldic was the fight of the evening during the KSW 65 gala, which was held at the Arena Gliwice. Many MMA fans sharpened their teeth during the Real League legend’s duel with Soldic, who holds the championship belt at middleweight. At stake was the championship belt in the middle class.

For the 41-year-old veteran, it was a return to the KSW cage after more than a year of rest. Khaldov’s last fight took place on October 10, 2020 during the KSW 55 gala at Atlas Arena in ód, when he turned out to be better than Askem Scott in the second leg. Khalidov resolved the fight in the first round by effective knockout.

He didn’t have a long break with the KSW cage and the last time we saw the Croat playing was in September of this year, when he tackled Patrick Kinkle at the KSW 63 gala. And so the 26-year-old defended his championship belt in the welterweight class. The Croatian has won the last six fights.

In the first round, Khalidov initially sought his luck with kicks, but Soldyck was very attentive. Halfway through the round, the fight moved to the ground floor after the Croat lost his balance, but Khalidov was unable to inflict more damage on his opponent and the fight returned to a standing position. At the end of the opening stage, Soldic took the floor and quietly began the duel, but both players survived unscathed until the end of the first round.

In the second round, Soldyck broke the rules when he kicked a recumbent Khalidov in the crotch area. Khalidov returned to the fight after a five-minute break. The Croatian snatched his chance and caused more and more problems for Khaldov with blows to the body. The fight became very exciting, the fighters replaced the blow with the punch, after which both of them could land on the carpet. After a while, Soldic boasted an amazing hit and sent his opponent to the boards. It was a really great and brutal knockout, after which the 41-year-old did not rise from the ring for long. The intervention of the medical services turned out to be necessary.

There was a terrible silence in the Arena Gliwice after that, and Mamed could have paid the price for the fight with a very serious injury. It was said, inter alia, with a broken jaw.

Soldik did not celebrate the victory and waited long for Khalidov to get out of the ring. He also apologized to the 41-year-old for such a brutal end to the fight.

– who is next? Thomas Narcon. I want to become a KSW Triple Champion! Who will have a third belt in his group, Soldic said shortly after the fight.

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