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Famous actor The celebrity has recently caused a stir by revealing her sexual orientation to work on hit shows such as “Donna Barbara”, “Los Victorinos,” “Heaven is Without Breasts” and “The End of Heaven”. The Ecuadorian shared the news with his 2.7 million followers using his Instagram account.

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As he shared the news at the end of August, his fans and colleagues gave him only words of love. The 42-year-old artist revealed that even though his family, friends and fans already knew his orientation, he could not avoid feeling guilty for the backwardness he had developed in the community that oppressed him.

For more than 7 years, Monrick has had a solid love affair with a mysterious man who fills him and falls deeply in love with him. If you want to know who it is, read on.

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Who is Roberti Monrique’s boyfriend?

Although the information shared by the actor about the identity of the person who stole his heart is nil, it is Lazarus Cruz The one who revealed the face of his sexy partner. With a comforting message, the manager came up with a snapshot of his Instagram account, where he was shown with the couple:

“You will always have my support and I will love you like the first day I know that your followers will love you to this day more than they love you, you are a great person, your own light and a great man, that is what is important !! Congratulations to the world for being courageous and free, because truth will always set us free. I love you Monriquin !!! PS: I was finally able to take my photo “.

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Who is Roberty Manicure?

Roberto Jose Monric Miranda An Ecuadorian actor was born In Guayaquil April 23, 1979. He studied social interaction with a specialization Graphic design at Gaza Grande University In that city and graduated with honors.

He owned his own advertising agency, but left everything to live on Peru, Where he worked as an employee, and later attended an acting workshop. Became an actor, returned to his country to hone his skills on stage until he got the chance to be a part of the cast “Witch”, The singer shares the roles with Sharon.

In this way, his career began and he settled down Colombia And begins acting in roles such as Telemundo Productions Until it became more popular with “Donna Porbara”, “Husband for Hire” and “Clone”, “Heaven Without Breasts” and “End of Heaven”.

Roberto Jose Mரnric Miranda is an Ecuadorian actor born on April 23, 1979 in Guayaquil (Photo: Roberto Mரnric / Instagram)

In which series and novel did Robert Manry participate?

Roberto Monique He is a film, theater and television actor. He is known internationally for his participation ‘Heaven is without breasts’ And other TV series and soap operas. Here are some of the projects he participated in:

  • The Witch (2003).
  • Dedicated Singles (2004).
  • Parents and Children (2006).
  • Donna Barbara (2008-2009).
  • Victorinox (2009-2010).
  • Taxi Driver (2010).
  • Wild Flower (2012-2013).
  • Black Widow (2016).
  • Without breasts, there is heaven (2017-2018).
  • The End of Heaven (2019).
  • Pure Awesome Things- Drama (2019).

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